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(AsiaNews /KF) – Father Lin Daixian, 40, an underground Roman Catholic priest belonging to the Pingtan parish of the Fuzhou diocese (Fujian), a seminarian and 9 parishioners were arrested by Chinese security personnel on July 25 at approximately 8 o’clock in the evening (Fujian time). The arrest was carried out during the celebration of a private Holy Mass in a private home in Pingtan, attended by approximately 50 faithful praying for the recovery of a cancer parishioner.

In arresting Father Lin Daixian, the security police beat savagely the parishioners who tried in vain to prevent the arrest of their priest. In the process, many parishioners were beaten and suffered severe injuries, including broken bones and teeth, brain injuries causing severe swelling, fainting, and many other kinds of injuries. The private house where the arrests took place was totally ransacked and severely damaged. Father Lin, the seminarian, and nine parishioners are now detained in the Pingtan detention center. …[Go To Full Story]