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(BosNewsLife) – A human rights group has expressed concern about the plight of native and other missionaries in Ethiopia amid reported anti-Christian violence and warnings Thursday, July 28, of famine in several areas. Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC) said it fears for the lives of Christians preaching the Gospel in the impoverished African nation after the identity of one missionary was revealed by apparently Muslim militants. “Over the past three years, hundreds of Muslims have come to Christ through the ministry of missionaries serving quietly in Ethiopia . [But] early this month the identity of one of these missionaries in north eastern Ethiopia was discovered by those opposed to the spread of the Gospel,” VOMC said. “According to a VOMC source in Ethiopia , a large mob formed on July 8 intending to kill the missionary whom we will call “Stephen” [for security reasons and which is] not his real name. His house was burned and he was dragged into the bush,” the organization added in a statement to BosNewsLife News Center .