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(Forum 18) – The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Macedonia , Archbishop Jovan

(Vranisskovski) of Ohrid and Skopje , has now been jailed for 18 months on charges of “inciting national, racial and religious hatred, schism and intolerance”. Jovan’s colleague, Bishop Marko of Dremvica and Bitola , told Forum 18 News Service that, as well as keeping Jovan under constant surveillance, police forced him to change out of his cassock and refused to allow him to take anything with him into prison. “The archbishop was not permitted to take his prayer book, the Gospels, an icon or any of the insignia of his rank with him,” Bishop Marko told Forum 18. During the first 30 days of his jail term, Jovan is not being allowed visits from anyone, apart from his lawyer and his immediate family, who are only being allowed to visit him once, for five minutes only. After the initial 30 days he will be either be sent to a maximum security prison unit, or to a unit with less strict discipline.