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(BosNewsLife) – An influential Christian advocacy group has condemned public service announcements in several cinema’s of India ‘s western state of Gujarat which challenge religious conversions. “The screening of the film is totally unlawful, and it is misguiding the people of Gujarat ,” said Samson Christian, the Joint Secretary of the All India Christian Council in an interview with Compass Direct news agency, monitoired Friday, July 22. News of the anti conversion film comes shortly Christian told BosNewsLife that the state government plans to launch what he called a Hindu-led “anti conversion program.” The film includes a shot of two fighting dogs. “You cannot change their nature”, a voice-over says. Soon after a picture of a cow quietly grazing emerges with the voice saying: “You cannot make this cow a non-vegetarian”. The screen blanks out and the voice adds: “So why attempt to change someone’s religion?” The scene is followed by the text of legal provisions that render forced religious conversions as illegal. Officials have reportedly denied this is part of a government-led campaign, and suggested that no subsidies have been given for the project.