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A 50 Year Religious War Against The West
Mohamed el-Amir , father of Mohamed Atta (the leader of the 9/11 hijackers) gave the world his his thoughts regarding the recent London terrorist bombings.

El-Amir said the attacks in the United States and the July 7 attacks in London “were the beginning of what would be a 50-year religious war, in which there would be many more fighters like his son”. He also passionately vowed that he would do anything
within his power to encourage more attacks. See CNN article.

ICC has highlighted this mindset/philosophy/worldview of fundamentalist Muslims before. There is to be a 50 to a 100 year war with the West that includes infiltration/absorption of Western societies as well as the terrorist front.
You may ask what this has to do with persecution?
The point is, the same mindset that feeds the violence towards infidels in the West, forms interactions with Christians in their own countries. The headwater that feeds this mindset is the Koran and Hadith. While there are many verses in these books that counsel peace towards other peoples (written while Mohammed was not powerful), there are many other verses that counsel violence and oppression towards infidels (written after Mohammed became powerful).