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( – Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada made a presentation to a committee of the Canadian Senate today on the homosexual ‘marriage’ bill. Speaking for himself and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Ouellet said to the Senators, “we are turning to you in the hope that you will prevent the adoption of this unjust law.” The Cardinal made mention of situations where legal authorities have already trampled on rights of Christians who oppose same sex ‘marriage’ such as marriage commissioners who were forced out of their jobs for refusing on grounds of conscience to perform homosexual ‘marriages.’ “These attempts to intimidate persons who do not share the State’s vision of marriage may well multiply after the adoption of Bill C-38,” said the Primate of Canada. “Once the State imposes a new standard affirming that homosexual sexual behavior is a social good, those who oppose it for religious motives or motives of conscience will be considered as bigots, anti-gay and homophobes, and then risk prosecution.” …[Go To Full Story]