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(BosNewsLife) – Churches condemned major “terrorist attacks” in London which killed at least dozens of people, as they opened their doors and struggled to give shelter and aid Thursday, July 7 to the likely thousands of people injured or effected by bomb blasts that hit the capital’s subway and at least one bus. The Cable News Network (CNN) reported that United States law enforcement sources said they had learned from the British government that at least 40 people died in the bomb attacks. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) qouted police as saying that at least 33 people had died. The BBC also qouted emergency services as saying that at least 45 people were seriously injured while 300 others were slightly wounded. Officials had suggested earlier there were many casualties, including seriously injured people, who could have died later. In a major development, the respected German Magazine Der Spiegel reported on its website that a letter posted on a website frequently used by the al-Qaeda terrorist network claims the “Secret Organization of al-Qaeda in Europe ” is responsible for the massive blasts. In it, the group also issued warnings of terrorist attacks unless they stop supporting the US-led operations in Iraq and Afghanistan , Spiegel Online said.