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ICC Note:
This is a story from The Jerusalem Post about an honor killing. Honor killing happens in Islamic cultures when a family member will kill one of their own to expunge the family’s shame over some unpardonable act. The usual case is the killing of a female for adultery or fornication.
It also happens regularly when a family member converts to Christ from Islam.

Jul. 6, 2005 16:26
Jersulaem Arab confesses to sisters honor killing
By Etgar Lefkovits
The Jerusalem Post

A 29-year-old Jerusalem Arab was under arrest Wednesday for allegedly strangling two of his sisters to death and trying to kill a third in the name of family honor.
The two women, aged 20 and 27, were found strangled to death in their east Jerusalem home on May 2 shortly after the victims’ father had reported the murders to police.

A third sister who survived a strangulation attempt was hospitalized, and has since recovered.

The attacker gave himself up to police this week.

The suspect, has confessed to carrying out the attack, police said. The parents and wife of the suspected murderer were arrested immediately after the attack, and have since been indicted on charges of assisting a murder.

In largely conservative Arab societies, where the male is clearly the domineering force, Arab women who commit adultery or other “unpardonable” acts often face violent retribution by their direct family members seeking to purify the blemish they feel has been wrought on their family.

In such cases, the male family members often take the law in their own hands, going so far as to kill their own relatives in an effort to cleanse their name.