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(ICC) – Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has confirmed that Beijing House church Pastor Cai Zhuohua’s trial date has been set. Cai, along with his wife Ms. Xiao Yunfei and two other family members will be tried at 9:00am, July 7, 2005 (Beijing Time) in the People’s Court of Haidian District, Beijing .
Pastor Cai, his wife Ms. Xiao Yunfei and Xiao’s brother will be prosecuted on the grounds of “illegal business management” and for allegedly printing over 200,000 copies of Christian literature.
Because of Pastor Cai’s pastoral leadership at a Beijing house church, nine prominent lawyers and legal scholars volunteered to defend Pastor Cai. They all believe this is a case of religious persecution under the pretext of “illegal business management.”
Since none of Cai’s family members received any official notification of his arrest and Cai had been brutally mistreated by his interrogators, his family members are considering filing an administrative legal case against the relevant government agencies for its violations of Chinese laws.