Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(CharismaNow) – A Christian couple is recovering from injuries received when axe-wielding Hindu villagers assaulted them recently. Last month, Jamubhai Choudhary and his wife, Jathriben, were attacked as they returned from their farm in the Valia Taluka area of the southern state of Gujarat , Compass Direct reported. Only 12 of the 130 families in the village are Christian. Joseph Durairaj, area coordinator of the Friends Missionary Prayer Band, believes the Hindus were targeting the small group of Christians who meet for worship in the Choudhary home every Sunday and planned to construct a small church building there. “But in January this year when we took building materials to the site, some villagers strongly objected to it and threatened them,” he said. “As a result, we could not begin the construction.” The AICC reported other incidents of violence against Christians in the region. “In the Sirsiclla and Siddipet areas, several fundamentalists are threatening and obstructing the normal conducting of worship services on a regular basis,” AICC said. “There are complaints with police that never have seen any action.”