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(Ai News) – Sources in asmara have alerted release Eritrea that security forces in the city have stormed and detained around 80 high school students at an end of term party. The party of 50 girls and 30 boys are from Asmara comprehensive –formerly known as Leul mekonen hafeshawi in the district of Paradizo. It is indicated that the end of year party was held at the Bet Gergish public park. This has inevitably sent shockwaves among parents and concerned citizens of Asmara . Outlining his concern Dr Berhane Asmelash Director of Release Eritrea stated; ‘this is of particular concern to us on two counts, firstly these detainees are children and given the record of the Government of Eritrea concerning prisoners and detainees I am troubled. Secondly I am apprehensive about the pattern of disrupting social functions and detaining people indiscriminately, the Government of Eritrea seems to have intensified its purge against Eritrean Evangelicals and members of the closed churches, by removing not only their rights to religious freedom but now their rights to any form of social life’. It is to be remembered that on the 28th of May security forces raided a wedding at kiwa function hall in Asmamra and detained an entire wedding party, more than 70 of those detained then still find themselves incarceration having declined the offer of a release if they recant their evangelical faith.