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(AsiaNews) – Two Christian Pentecostal Indians accused of proselytism continue to rot in Saudi prisons. They were arrested together with other Christians on 28 May. The other six were released because the police acknowledged they had been practicing their faith in private in their homes. Christians in the Saudi Kingdom are increasingly worried and fear the worst about the fate of the other two, who are both Indians from Kerala. AsiaNews has discovered the identity of one of them: George Kutty, who in the past was police sub-inspector in his country. George Kutty, who belongs to the Indian Pentecostal Mission, had links with several Pentecostal missionaries worldwide. Kutty kept all information and contact details on his portable computer. Recently, his firm transferred him to Tabuk (in the north-west of the country). On his way there, he was stopped for a check by traffic police controlling the highway, and they discovered his computer. Confiscating it, they went through all its contents and discovered all the information about his mission and that of his group. Now George Kutty stands charged with preaching Christianity in Saudi Arabia with the help of international missionary organizations.