Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Forum 18) – Amid the breakdown of functioning government, some Protestants have complained to Forum 18 News Service of pressure against them. The head of a Protestant rehabilitation centre in a village near the capital Bishkek, Akhmed Saipov, told Forum 18 that local Muslims attacked his institution and demanded that it be closed. Saipov told Forum 18 that he has “no confidence” that police will protect the centre “if we are subjected to a pogrom again,” but the police officer leading the investigation, Colonel Amangeldy Ishaliev, assured Forum 18 that “the police will protect the centre from hooligans if it is subjected to attacks again.” Also, former junior Education Minister Gaisha Ibragimova’s was allegedly forced to resign by “Islamic radicals” because she is a Protestant. However, members of a range of Protestant churches in Kyrgyzstan told Forum 18, in mid-June, that they had not heard of other incidents of pressure against religious minorities elsewhere in the country.