Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Forum 18) – When ethnic Vlachs led by a local Romanian Orthodox priest tried to hold a religious commemoration at the abandoned monastery of Koroglas in eastern Serbia on 21 May, they faced not only an alleged “spontaneously-organised” group of Serbian Orthodox who had pledged not to allow the commemoration to proceed but a ban by the local police. “When I requested them to show me an official document forbidding the procession and commemoration, the police did not have one,” organiser Dusan Prvulovic told Forum 18 News Service. The commemoration had to go ahead at a cultural centre in a nearby town. Police have refused to tell Forum 18 if the commemoration at Koroglas had indeed been banned and if so why, and why Prvulovic was charged with inciting religious hatred (the court that convened the following Sunday morning acquitted him). The authorities have meanwhile held off from the threatened demolition of a Romanian Orthodox church in a nearby village which they claim was illegally built.