Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ICC) – In rural tribal communities of Nepal , choosing to follow Christ can lead to ostracism, rejection or, as in the recent case of one woman, death. According to Christian Aid’s contacts in Nepal , the lady was a member of the Santhal tribe in the eastern part of the country. She was recently led to Christ by a native missionary. When her family and neighbors found out about her decision, they beat her so badly that she had to be hospitalized. After five days in the hospital, she passed away. Local police arrested several people and charged them with her murder. However, Christians in the village, led by the native missionary who worked among them, chose to forgive the murderers and withdrew the case. The missionary reports, “The neighbors were very much impressed by this and have been searching for the truth since.” In the aftermath of the tragedy, the leader of the indigenous ministry with which the missionary works came to speak to the murdered woman’s community. Three hundred and fifty people from the area gathered under a tent to listen to him. He writes, “Seven family members from the tribe who had been accused of the killing accepted Christ.” These were followed by 27 more conversions. As a result, a new church has been started in this village and is growing daily. Pray that this Santhal community would continue to respond to the gospel of Christ. Pray for peace to come to the murdered woman’s family.