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(BosNewsLife) – Christian Nail Kalinkin of Uzbekistan’s embattled Baptist leaning Bethany Church in the capital Tashkent was believed to be in jail Saturday, June 18, after he was sentenced to 15 days in prison last week for “illegally” teaching his faith, a human rights groups said, citing Protestant sources. The news agency of Forum 18 said the teacher’s wiife Marina was fined 68 US dollars, a huge amount in the impoverished former Soviet republic. In addition “two members” of the Bethany Protestant Church “have already been punished for “illegally” teaching their faith, while six others – including the pastor Nikolai Shevchenko – are due to face trial at an unknown date for leading an unregistered religious organization,” said Forum 18 News Service (F18News). Reports of the persecution came just days after confirmation that Uzbek security forces raided the Sunday worship service on June 12 and briefly detained the six people. Plain clothes police stormed the building of the Bethany Church, which is has been prevented from registration by Uzbekistan ‘s authorities, church sources and human rights groups said. On Friday, June 17, the court once more delayed hearing the church’s appeal against the authorities decision to block registration, F18News said.