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(Christian Post) – Reports have been released that Rev. Than Van Truong of the Baptist General Conference house church organisation is being held in a mental hospital despite claims that he is clearly sane. Rev. Truong was arrested for the first time without trial in May 2005, charged of “crimes against the state” after he wrote a number of religious articles and sent Bibles as gifts to Vietnam’s top officials. After his release, he was re-arrested while trying to leave his residence to visit his mother in the far north of Vietnam. In Vietnam permission to leave a personal residence is needed, and even though Rev. Truong requested permission several times, officials refused to reply.

In September 2004, the public prosecutor of Dong Nai Province stated Rev. Truong is “mentally ill and delusional” and had him committed to the Bien Hoa Mental Hospital in Dong Nai Province. He was injected with drugs that led him to a lethargic state. However, after his medication was reduced his condition improved.