Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ICC) – According to the Barnabas Fund, during the worship service on Sunday 12th June, Bethany Church in Tashkent , Uzbekistan was raided by plain clothes policemen. The police proclaimed that no church meetings were to be held in the building, before arresting six people. The police searched the church building for a collection box and literature, while continuing to threaten and intimidate the church members, taking the names and addresses of all present. The police were also looking for children, as they claimed that it was illegal for children to be present at church services. Thankfully the children were in a separate group meeting at the time, apparently disappointing the police and making them increasingly angry with the church members. Pastors Nikolai Shevchenko and Sergei Khripunov were taken for interrogation, along with four church members. The police demanded that they write explanatory notes about the church meetings, but Shevchenko and Khripunov refused and asked for their lawyer. The police continued to threaten the pastors, telling them that the church would be closed and they themselves imprisoned. They also threatened that they would be beaten up so hard that they would forget where they live. The police said they would detain the men until they signed papers, but when they refused all six were eventually released in the evening.