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More persecution in India…

(Mumbai Newsline) – Three American preachers, attacked on Sunday in Malad by an angry mob that suspected they were converting locals to Christianity, will now be deported. ‘‘Reports from the Malwani police indicate they were indulging in preaching activities despite holding tourist visas,’’ said a senior police official handling the case. ‘‘This violates visa rules and they will be deported on the first available flight to the US .’’ The three attacked were part of a group of eight American preachers who came to India . While four of the eight have voluntarily returned (taking with them one of those attacked), the other four were at the Foreigners Registration Office, Crawford Market, and were tight-lipped about the incident. Dr Abraham Mathai, general secretary of the All India Christian Committee, feels the deportation is based on inaccurate reports sent by the Malwani police station. ‘‘There is a difference between teaching and preaching. These people were only teaching,’’ Mathai said. ‘‘These people were beaten up by communal goons and now face the indignity of being deported like criminals.’’ [Go To Full Story]