Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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The following documenting the case of a persecuted Christian family seeking asylum in the United States is a perfect example of the great need for Western nations to take the lead on standing up for victims of religious persecution.

Jailed without charges: Indonesian immigrant had been seeking asylum

By Hiroko Sato

(Foster’s Daily) — When local Indonesian immigrant Hartaty Sri Haveline laid on the street of her hometown near Jakarta after being hit by a bus in 1997, Muslim police officers told her that she, a Christian, deserved to die. Though the policemen eventually took her to the hospital, Haveline says it’s an example of series of religious persecution she experienced in the country dominated by Muslim populations. To her, a tourist visa to the United States she obtained in 2001 meant a ticket to the land of the free, a chance to enter and find ways to stay in the country where her children would never have to see themselves treated with injustice. But, the 34-year-old Haveline is quickly finding out cracks in the American immigration system can betray her hopes after she says Homeland Security officers suddenly came by her Northway Circle apartment on Friday morning and locked up her husband, William Pangaribuan, in the jail for his alleged illegal alien status.

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