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(Christian Post) – A controversial bill that is intended to ban incitement to religious hatred was introduced in the UK parliament on Thursday. Christians fear the bill will stifle religious expression. The bill being introduced by the newly elected government led by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Labour party has been called a threat to free religious expression by critics. The bill will now debated by lawmakers. If passed, the new law would hand out a maximum seven-year jail sentence for using words or actions that are deemed threatening, abusive, insulting and intended to stir up hatred. The Evangelical Alliance UK is opposed to the bill. Its Head of Public Affairs, Dr. Don Horrocks, argued in a statement released on Thursday that not only is current legislation enough to prevent hate attacks but that making the bill into law would prevent religious debate “at a time when people of all faiths need to be able to discuss ideas and concepts freely with out fear of persecution.” [Go To Full Story]