Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – In September 2001 the Eritrean government closed down all private media, then rounded up its opponents and critics and silenced them by incarcerating them in ‘secret’ prisons. Amnesty International estimates several thousand political prisoners are languishing incommunicado in detention. The crackdown on churches began in May 2002 when the government closed and banned all but three state- sanctioned denominations: Eritrean Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran.
Today some 900 Christians including 16 pastors are in prison for their faith. The conditions are dire and torture is routine. This religious repression is partly driven by the politically powerful Eritrean Orthodox Church trying to protect its influence in the face of significant evangelical renewal. The Eritrean government denies there is any religious repression, boasting full religious freedom with tight national security.

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