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(AFX) – President George W. Bush said he expects China to deal with world trade ‘in a fair way’ and that he would continue to push Chinese leaders to allow greater religious freedom and freedom of the press.
‘I think the relationship with China ‘s a very complex relationship, and Americans ought to view it as such,’ Bush said at a White House news conference.
‘On one hand, we ought to look at China as an economic opportunity,’ he said. ‘And the best way to deal with China is to say, ‘Look, there are some rules, and we expect you to abide by the trade rules. And as ( China ) grows and as trade becomes more complex, you’ll see more and more instances where the United States is insisting upon fair trade,’ Bush said. ‘We expect China to deal with the world trade in a fair way. … But as well, I believe we have an obligation to remind the Chinese that any hopeful society is one in which there’s more than just economic freedom, that there’s religious freedom and freedom of the press.
‘And so, in my meetings with the different Chinese leaders with whom I’ve had the honor of meeting, I’ve always brought up issues such as the Dalai Lama, or the Catholic Church’s inability to get a bishop into the country, or the need for the country not to fear evangelicals, but to understand religious freedom leads to peace,’ Bush said. [Go To Full Story]