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(ReliefWeb) – The CARDI aid consortium, of which the IRC is a member, has suspended its field activities in Indonesia ’s troubled Central Sulawesi province following twin bomb attacks on a crowded market in the eastern town of Tentena . The May 28 blasts killed 22 people and injured over 50. CARDI plans for an event with Muslim and Christian youth in Tentena later this week have also been canceled. IRC’s Branco Kalesaran, who manages the youth program, said that the situation in Tentena remains tense but that all CARDI staff are safe. Muslim-Christian fighting that began in Central Sulawesi in 1998 killed hundreds until a peace agreement was signed in late 2001. The situation in the area has continued to be volatile and last year CARDI launched a range of initiatives aimed at bringing youth from different ethnic groups together and providing them with education and social services. “The bombing shows how volatile the region remains, and how important it is to support programs that promote peaceful interaction between youth from all ethnic and religious backgrounds and prevent them from falling prey to the more extremist elements of society,” said CARDI director Hervé de Baillenx. The CARDI program trains youth leaders, provides non-formal education programs for youth who have dropped out of school and organizes recreational activities and vocational training. CARDI-trained youth leaders have also developed a radio program with talk shows and news featuring youth issues broadcast through local radio stations.