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(ANS) – A small group of Russian Christians took to the streets of the capital of Moscow at the weekend to protest against policies they says violate their religious freedom. According to a story written by Sergei Blagov, a correspondent for, some 200 members of an evangelical church staged a demonstration in downtown Moscow, protesting about difficulties their church was experiencing in getting the authorities to approve the allocation of land for places of worship. “Our task is to teach people how to defend their rights,” church leader Alexander Purshaga told the gathering. Blagov wrote in his story, “The protest was the latest sign that all is not well when it comes to freedom to worship in Russia , where some Protestant groups are lumped together with sects and all regarded as troublesome. “Last month, police raided a Pentecostal Church seminar in Izhevsk , a city northeast of Moscow , briefly detaining dozens of believers. “In the Chekhov district south of Moscow , local Baptists are struggling to hold onto their new church, built to replace their previous one, which was destroyed in an arson attack last September. Similar attacks have occurred elsewhere.”

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