Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – At least 36 churches have been closed and close to 900 Eritrean Christians have been detained by the government in Eritrea , an east African nation bordering the Red Sea, between Djibouti and Sudan , in recent months, according to two Christian human rights organizations. Release-Eritrea (, calls on the Government of Eritrea to unconditionally release all Eritrean Christians imprisoned for their faith and open Minority Churches which have been shut for three years this week. In information obtained by ASSIST News Service (ANS), the organization says it is particularly concerned about those prisoners who have been held incommunicado, without due legal course. In a statement, Release-Eritrea says: “It is to be remembered that a year ago the government took three prominent Church leaders into custody (Dr Kiflu Gebremeskel, Rev haile Naizghi and Pastor Tesfazion Hagos) and continues to detain them illegally. Earlier this year many more church leaders have joined the trio with the total number of church leaders and ministers imprisoned currently standing at a total of 16 in three prisons across the country.”