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200 members of Egypt ‘s banned Muslim Brotherhood group were arrested across the country on Friday after they defied police orders and continued banned protests. the official MENA news agency reported.

“Some 200 elements of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group were arrested in Cairo , Dakahliya, Ismailia and Suez governorates during demonstrations after Friday prayers,” a security source was quoted as saying. A statement by Interior Ministry said a number of members of the banned group had gathered after Friday prayers and taken to the streets in Cairo and the three provinces.

Some of the elements refused to comply with a request by security forces to disperse, and therefore were arrested for breaching public order, added the statement.

At least one protester died in a stampede and dozens of security forces were injured when clashes broke out between the two sides, according to the statement.

On Wednesday, Egyptian police also arrested 400 members of the outlawed group for “violating demonstration rules.” One day later, 350 of them were ordered to be detained for 15 days by state prosecutors, facing charges of unlawful assembly, incitement, resisting the authorities and causing grid locks.

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, was officially banned in 1954. It is a extremist group whose ideology is aligned with Al-Qaeda. Islamic extremism is very prevalent in Egypt and Christians there have suffered greatly at their hands. Its members, running as independents in the last parliamentary election, won 15 seats, forming the largest de facto opposition group in the legislature.