Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – For nearly 20 years, predominantly Christian northern Uganda has suffered under the terror of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a blasphemous rebel militia led by former Catholic altar boy turned spirit-medium and terrorist, Joseph Kony. The LRA’s occult-inspired brutality includes child kidnapping and face mutilation. In May 2003, WEA RL Prayer ministry presented this situation to intercessors as both a suffering church and spiritual warfare issue (RLP 219). The response to our prayers was immediate and dramatic. Because LRA soldiers began defecting in large numbers through the vigilant and courageous Acholi Religious Leaders Peace Initiative, Kony believed he was being cursed from above, so he put out an order to kill all clergy and missionaries and beat all nuns (RLP 224). God protected his servants as we prayed, and over the next six months the LRA was decimated — but not destroyed. In December 2004 the devastated but stubborn LRA leadership once again defaulted on peace talks. In the months following, several senior LRA commanders defected, including their chief negotiator, while some others regrouped. Then since mid February 2005, LRA attacks against civilians, complete with killings, mutilations and kidnappings, have increased sharply in both northern Uganda and southern Sudan . The LRA still appears to be receiving support and refuge from ‘anti-peace’ Islamists in Sudan .