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(ANS) – A showing of the Jesus Film in northern India was broken up by at least 35 Hindu extremists who attacked the film crew and caused viewers to flee the scene. “When the film showing was going on, around 35-40 men attacked them, tearing up the screen and beating up people,” said George Ninan, a South Asia director for Campus Crusade for Christ. In recent years, militant groups have arisen that trumpet a Hindu “race” and culture, urging that Hinduism be recognized as the official state religion. They attack both Muslims and Christians because they are said to follow a ‘foreign’ religion. The film team—one of 900 operating in different parts of India —was led by Karan Bahadur, who suffered the brunt of the attack. “He could not escape and was badly beaten and became unconscious,” Ninan said. Bahadur was taken captive, tortured, and questioned in detail about his family and work. The following night he was taken to some railroad tracks nearby and told to run for his life. Nursing wounds from the beating, he ran as far as his strength allowed, then hid himself in bushes that lined the track. The next morning Bahadur jumped aboard a slow-moving freight train, then eventually made his way by truck to Lucknow , the capital of Uttar Pradesh state. When the film crew complained to local police, they refused to register a complaint. However, police did recover some of the film equipment, which was thrown into a school compound. The generator used to supply power for the equipment is still missing.

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