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(Forum 18) – Baptist Farkhod Khamedov was sentenced by Judge Turman Tashmetov in Uzbekistan ‘s capital, Tashkent , to jail for 10 days and his Bible ordered to be destroyed, for conducting a religious meeting in a private flat, Forum 18 News Service has found. Judge Tashmetov told Forum 18 that the Bible was being held “as material evidence” and had not yet been destroyed. “Khamedov has filed an appeal and his case will now be considered by another judge,” he told Forum 18. “That judge will decide what to do with the Bible.” Khamedov has appealed against the sentence. Begzot Kadyrov, chief specialist of the government’s Committee for Religious Affairs, claimed to Forum 18 that Judge Tahsmetov had made a “mistake” and that “I’m sure that it will be returned to Khamedov once his case is reheard.” Uzbek courts have in recent years burnt religious literature confiscated from the homes of Muslims, Protestant Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses.