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(BosNewsLife) -Communist Authorities in Laos have arrested up to eight evangelizing Christians, amid a new crackdown against churches in the southeastern Asian nation, missionaries said Tuesday, March 29. US-based Christian Aid Mission (CAM), said “eight gospel workers have been arrested” in Hueyhoy village in Laos ‘ Savannakhet province, “within the last few days.” They were taken into custody on false charges of “possessing weapons,” after refusing to heed authorities’ warnings on March 10 “to stop evangelistic activities.” Officials have not yet reacted to the claims.

Two of the arrested believers were identified as Khamthan, 59, and Vangthong, 31. “At least six others were arrested and accused of illegal weapons possession,” CAM added in a statement to BosNewsLife News Center . Local Christians reportedly say believers have often been charged with social crimes, such as possession of weapons, “in order to divert the real issues behind the arrests and imprisonment.”$a8d4e2c1e898d3e144cf533457435682//