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(ICC) – The final 30 Sunday School attendees from a group of 131 arrested on February 19, have been released. However, Senior Pastor Kidane Weldou, of Muluwengel Church in Asmara was taken into custody. The initial group of 131 were arrested for attending the church services at Medhani-Alem Orthodox Church in Asmara , and included children as young 2 years old. It has taken authorities over a month to release all of the church goers, but many in the Church’s leadership have been held in prison for as long as 11 months. On Friday, March 18, Senior Pastor Weldou was apparently taken into custody and his car was found abandoned. These reports corroborate news that the Eritrean government has created a special campaign to rid the country of all Pentecostal and Evangelical Christians by the end of 2005. In just the first 10 weeks of this year, over 230 Christians have been arrested and approximately 400 Christians are being held in prison for worshipping Christ.