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This article from Met News illustrates the hatred for Christians that has existed in Indonesia, especially toward Chrisitan women. In many parts of the world Christian Women are viewed as the absolute lowest class in the society. International Christian Concern urges every concerned individual to get active in defending our sisters in Christ, as well as the whole persecuted Church, all over the world.

(Met News) – Violence against ethnic Chinese in Indonesia , particularly against women and Christians, is sufficiently pervasive to require that a Chinese Christian woman be found eligible for asylum, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled yesterday. Overturning a ruling by a divided panel of the Board of Immigration Appeals, the court ruled that Marjorie Kinda Lolong’s petition for review be granted. Senior Judge Betty B. Fletcher, writing for the Ninth Circuit, noted that elements within the Indonesian military have been linked to the violence, even though the country’s president and other leaders have called for tolerance. “Evidence of the government’s willingness to control the perpetrators of ethnic and religious violence in Indonesia fails to rebut the overwhelming evidence of the government’s inability to control those forces,” Fletcher wrote. Indonesia , with a history of violent political change, remains unstable, despite strides towards democracy, an expert said. Continued instability makes further attacks on Chinese likely, Tiwon said, adding that Chinese Christians are particularly at risk as a militant Islamic movement grows. “Even during periods of relative calm, ethnic Chinese and Christian girls and women face a very high risk of being subjected to racial and sexual harassment and abuse, and ethnically and religiously motivated attacks against women continue to occur,” the judge wrote. [Lolong v. Gonzales, (03-72384)]