Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Compass) – Tensions have escalated sharply between the Christian community of Numan town in the northern state of Adamawa , Nigeria , and government security forces following the shooting deaths of two Christian youths. Police killed Ezekiel Eli and Kingsley Zadok Imburu on February 7 when the two youths joined a group protesting the arrest of a local Christian woman. The shootings came a little more than one week after a young Christian woman named Judith Lan’guti was shot dead, reportedly without provocation, by soldiers deployed to keep peace in the town between Muslims and Christians. Christian spokesmen say the incessant clashes in Numan stem from the June 8, 2003, murder of Christian pastor Mrs. Esther Jinkai Ethan. The chief suspect in the Ethan’s stabbing death, Mohammed Salisu, a Muslim, has never been brought to trial.

“Up to this moment, the fanatic has not been prosecuted and now we are being forced to mourn the death of another Christian woman,” Mahula Tika, a Christian community leader in Numan, told Compass.