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International Christian Concern is thankful for a government concerned with religious freedom around the world. We hope that the State Dept will be firm in accepting nothing less than fundamental religious rights for those suffering in Eritrea, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia (many of which are Christian).

(Christian Today) – Three countries, which have been condemned over the past year for their poor religious freedoms records, have been touted as being on the verge of a deal, which would see the state of religious liberty in the Eritrea, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, greatly advance. The US , yesterday did in fact surpass a deadline, at which it had previously stated it would impose sanctions on violators of the International Religious Freedom Act. However, yesterday the Bush administration requested that the US Congress extend this deadline for these three countries to demonstrate a commitment towards tolerance to all religions.
An American State Department spokesman, Adam Ereli reported, “We’ve been actively engaged with all three in working for improvements in respect for religious freedom in those countries. We’ve made some important progress. We are close to arrangements that respond to issues raised in the report, and we think that, with a little bit more time, we can take care of some of the issues that were problematic for us.” Ereli also said, “We are at different stages, talking about different actions with each of the three, and I think our responses with each of the three are going to be different.”
It was announced that the issues would be finalised within the next few weeks, although it was unclear when the new deadline would be.