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(ANS) – When a former Pakistani Muslim became a Christian her life changed overnight. Spiritually, Seher Shafi was a new person. She told the Pakistani Christian Post ( “I … prayed that Jesus (take) me out from the darkness and place (me) in everlasting light.” But as a result of that decision,Shafi could no longer take part in typical happy family activities in her community. She now lived the life of a fugitive. Shafi told the Post ( that when she informed her family of her new found faith, “My life came under constant threat and my family members tortured me day and night.” The Post reported that when one of Shafi’s family members saw her coming out of church one day she was followed to find out where she was living. “Next day, all my family members attacked my home,” she said. “They tortured me and left with threat that they shall be back and kill my husband and baby.”

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