Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – A former Turkish Pastor recently went on national TV and announced that after being a Christian since 1987, he converted back to Islam. Since then, according to an e-mail report received by Turkish World Outreach (TWO) and forwarded to ASSIST News Service (ANS), he’s been on a number of TV stations as well as in a few newspapers instilling fear in Turks by essentially saying that the ultimate aim of foreign (Christian workers) is to assist the US government undermine the Turkish government. The writer of the e-mail, whose name and location have been withheld for security reasons, says: “We’ve heard that this Friday, March 11, there will be a special call given out from the mosques all across the nation of Turkey . The call will be to warn the people of (Christian workers) amongst them and to call them to solidarity and firmness in Islam. “Christians have already been having troubles since this latest round of television programs began airing. We personally fear that such a call may trigger some radical types to harm our fellow workers and brothers and sisters in Christ,” the writer said.
They added: “Please pray for the foreign (workers) and Turkish Christians living in Turkey . Both for their safety and that they would be strong in their faith. And please pray for those instilling this paranoia, that they would stop spreading such preposterous lies.”