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(Compass) – Although the problems of religious intolerance in the southern Mexican state of Chiapas have lessened in recent years, persecution of evangelical Christians still exists in small communities. In San Isidro Chejilte, community leaders have vowed to expel 34 evangelicals as soon as a law takes effect that will transfer private land ownership to community ownership. In another case, the town leaders of El Retiro have forbidden the growing congregation of Heaven’s Gate Church of Prophecy from constructing any type of building to use as a church. In Los Pozos, local authorities have threatened evangelicals with expulsion. After two years in exile, approximately 90 Indian evangelicals have been allowed to return to their homes in the town of 20 de Noviembre, but they found their properties were damaged. Elsewhere, a child living near Mexico City required medical treatment after her teacher beat her while repeating, “We don’t want evangelicals here!”