Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(VOA) – Small Christian communities in northeastern Nigeria are bracing for new attacks by groups of Islamic radicals, who call themselves the Taleban. A Christian businessman who was once abducted by the group styling itself to Islamic hardliners in Afghanistan says it could happen again. Speaking in Haussa, Ali Dangwa says he was returning from a bartering trip to Cameroon , walking through hilly terrain, when he was abducted at gunpoint by men wearing stolen police uniforms. They told him he should join their fight to help the poor, but he says he was not impressed. He says they rampaged from village to village, breaking down shops, stealing goats and storming a church where the radicals used the collection plate they emptied out to drink water. Mr. Dangwa was released unharmed, but he says three other men the group crossed were shot dead. In other nearby areas, the radicals killed police officers, burned government buildings and stole weapons. They also stole a jeep, marking it with the word “Taleban.”