Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Amarilys Cortina Rey, Cuba Verdad / – Members of a Pentecostal congregation in Managua , on the outskirts of Havana , said they are willing to “let the roof of their church fall on them” if the government follows through with its order to demolish the structure which, it alleges, was built illegally.
A roof resting on columns is indeed just about all the church consists of; a floor and a pulpit complete the picture, all built more than five years ago on the backyard of the pastor’s home. Members of the congregation say they have been worshiping at that location for more than 14 years.
Last Monday, municipal housing inspector Mabel Despaigne imposed a 600 pesos fine on the Rev. Ernesto Oliva, the pastor of the Light of God Pentecostal church and owner of the property on which the structure is built.