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Eritrea has become a hot bed of Christian persecution, and ICC joins AACC’s outcry deploring these awful discriminations based on religion. The following article documents their stance against Eritrea’s crackdown on Christians.

(Christian Today) – Since last week, reports regarding a massive crackdown of churches in Eritrea by government authorities have been overwhelming. A Task Force related to the authorities is dedicated to ridding the country of targeted Christian denominations which are not recognised as “official” religions. While the number of affected Christians is rising, the All Africa Conference of Church (AACC) yesterday spoke out to defend the rights of Christians in a statement and condemned the Eritrean government. Rev. Dr. Kasonga of AACC’s Theology and Mission Programs stated that religion should not be used to divide people but to foster harmony among individuals. He felt disappointed with the Eritrean government for orchestrating all the crackdowns.
CWS said according to reliable reports, a Task Force has been set up by the Eritrean government in an attempt to devastate all Pentecostal and Evangelical Christians by the end of 2005. Eritrea ’s four recognised “official” religions are Orthodox, Catholic, Lutheran and Islam. All worship and religious gatherings out of these four organisations are declared illegal. In May 2002 the Eritrean government ordered the closure of all independent Protestant churches. The banned groups include indigenous Pentecostal and charismatic congregations, as well as Adventist, Presbyterian, Assemblies of God and Methodist-linked churches. Baha’is and Jehovah’s Witnesses are also targeted.
Eunice K. Y. Or
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