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(Forum 18) – Pastor Vyacheslav Goncharenko of the Minsk-based charismatic New Life Church is again facing prosecution for organizing worship without state permission, he has told Forum 18 News Service. The 600-strong congregation of New Life Church has been worshipping at a disused cowshed ever since being barred from public facilities. The head of Minsk city administration religious affairs department, Alla Ryabitseva, challenged by Forum 18 why it was impossible to change the use of a cowshed, Ryabitseva replied, “read our laws”. Asked which particular law forbade the conversion of cowsheds, she claimed only to deal with the religion law.

“Read Article 25 – that says exactly where you can pray and where you can’t.” Told that it did not mention cowsheds, she retorted: “It doesn’t say you can’t pray in casinos either, but people don’t pray in casinos!” Questioned about a disused railway carriage close to New Life used by an Orthodox community, Ryabitseva maintained that the parish was not worshipping in the carriage but had four years earlier acquired land at the site “in the proper manner.”