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(ANS) – Six Seminary students were abducted and severely beaten for sharing the Gospel. According to GFA (they were taken to a nearby hospital, where they are now recovering from injuries sustained during the attack. Jaya, Yogendra, Narendra, Himansu, Kiran and Simon were involved in their regular weekly outreach–distributing Gospel literature, preaching and praying for the sick–when they were surrounded by a small group of men that quickly grew into a crowd.
According to a GFA field correspondent the abductors mocked the students by saying, “We are going to talk about God.” They then began hitting the students. Several people in the group then dragged the students into three-wheeled taxicabs and drove them to a secluded house that, GFA reported, was the local headquarters for an extremist anti-Christian organization. A crowd of men, some trained in martial arts, awaited them there. They pulled the students out and began beating them