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(Forum 18) – Two prominent leaders of large-scale violence against religious minorities, Fr Basil Mkalavishvili and Petre Ivanidze, have been given jail sentences, but Forum 18 News Service has been told that many other attackers remain free and unpunished, as individual attacks and sectarian hostility continue. “Of course I’m pleased by the prison sentences, but I know no-one else will ever face trial for any of these many attacks,” Orthodox priest Fr Basil Kobakhidze said. “Dozens of people if not more – including priests of the Georgian Orthodox Patriarchate – should be on trial, but they never will be.” Interior Ministry press secretary Guram Donadze declined any official comment, but stated “as a private individual”, that others should be tried for their involvement in religious violence. Mkalavishvili and Ivanidze’s lawyers are going to appeal against the sentences.