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(Compass) – An irate mob set fire to a newly-opened Catholic school in the northeast state of Assam , India , on January 19, accusing school staff of attempting to convert Hindus. A news report appearing in the Assam Tribune claimed that local villagers opposed the establishment of the school. However, most parents welcomed the school and had even helped with the construction of the building that would have served as a classroom for their children. The building was destroyed by the arsonists. “The newspaper exaggerated the incident by alleging that a mob of about 10,000 people attacked the school, whereas the mob was only 70 people strong,” Vinay Masih of the Evangelical Fellowship of India told Compass. The Vicar General, Father Varghese Kizhakevely, told the Assam Tribune that the allegations of conversion were baseless and called for action against the arsonists and others involved in the attack.