Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(Compass) – A young Christian shopkeeper in Pakistan ’s Punjab province had his arm chopped off by a Muslim customer. Shahbaz Masih, 22, was approached last November by a customer wanting to rent a television set from his video shop in Talwandi, Faisalabad district. When Masih declined the request, his customer, 26-year-old butcher Ahmed Ali, became furious. He returned shortly afterwards, armed with a butcher’s ax. Forcing his way into Masih’s house, Ali attacked him and chopped off his left arm near the elbow. As he left, he threatened the victim and his widowed mother with even more “dire consequences” for the alleged insult he had endured. Following his discharge from the hospital four days later, Masih was forced to close his shop and leave the village with his mother and go into hiding. Ali was arrested after church officials pressed the case and faces criminal charges. However, local sources say police are under heavy pressure to establish his innocence.