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(ANS) – Three more Eritrean Christians, who are associated with the Full Gospel Church in Eritrea , have been arrested, according to Kevin Turner, President of Strategic World Impact, the Bartlesville, Oklahoma-based ministry to the Persecuted Church . The arrests of Pastor Kidane Gebremeskel, Abraham Belay and Fanieal Tesfa Mariam took place at 11 a.m. on Jan. 21.
Turner said these arrests follow those of an estimated 200 Christians since the beginning of the year. One of the top leaders of the Evangelical Church in Eritrea (name withheld for security reasons) – who is not yet in jail – is calling for a change.
“We now have 555 Christians all over Eritrea that are paying the price because of their belief. Somehow, this has got to stop. We are sure the cause for the problems of the Eritrean Church is the President of Eritrea – so far he has no respect for the Church or for the International community, who is protesting against Christian suffering in Eritrea ,” the Evangelical Church leader said, pleading for all Eritrean Christians.
“What we really would like to see is Christians in the United States trying to help resolve our religious difficulties in Eritrea . To do this, they must deal with the President of the State of Eritrea as an individual who is responsible for the arrest and suffering of 555 Christians in Eritrea ,” the leader said.
“We suggest that an embargo be placed on him and with that a prayer war would be mobilized in the whole United States . Know that Eritrea is under the dictatorial leadership of one man and unless the Lord and His will, through you, make this man listen and cooperate, our situation can not be changed. Please help us,” he said.
Strategic World Impact has a letter available for all who are interested in assisting the Eritrean Church . The letter can be sent to the Eritrean Embassy in the U.S. To assist the Church in Eritrea through one of these letters please call SWI toll-free at 1-877-SWI-HOPE.