Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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( – Being a Christian, “of the same religion as the Western soldiers,” is enough to be the considered an enemy in Iraq , says a Chaldean monk. Father Waheed Gabriele Tooma’s statement was echoed by Fides news agency, recalling the recent incident involving two Chaldean monks of the Dora monastery south of Baghdad , kidnapped a few days ago by unknown individuals and released two days later. The “flourishing industry of kidnapping knows no end,” the agency reported. The targets of religious Muslim fundamentalism are foreigners, wealthy Iraqis — because of the ransom –, and religious personnel, especially Christians. Father Tooma, religious brother of the kidnapped monks, said to Fides that ” Iraq is a nation that dies every day, and not only because of lack of food and medicines. It dies morally and culturally, deprived of its identity, freedom, and right to live in peace as the other nations of the earth. The path of this nation is dark; it seems to be without a future. Children die no sooner they are born, without a smile.” Despite the problems, the sisters are not thinking of leaving, given that, as they affirmed, “we are here, in this neighborhood, our neighborhood, and we will stay to witness to Christ crucified but risen from the dead.”