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The following article appeared in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune. It follows some tense moments between Muslims in the Aceh province and Christian Aid groups claiming that it sees the tsunami as an effort to win over the province for Christ.

(AP) – A senior Islamic leader warned foreign relief workers Friday of a serious backlash from Muslims if they bring Christian proselytizing to tsunami-struck Sumatra along with humanitarian help…
…At Friday prayers in the main mosque of Banda Aceh, the provincial capital, a Muslim leader warned against any attempt by Christian aid workers to evangelize among tsunami survivors. Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. “This is a reminder. Do not do this in this kind of situation,” said Dien Syamsuddin, secretary general of the Indonesian Council of Ulemas, or religious scholars. “The Muslim community will not remain quiet.”,1,282777.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true