Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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(ANS) – There has been mixed reaction to the successful Christmastime distribution of more than 50,000 New Testaments in the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, according to a report received at the Grand Junction, Colorado-based US office of Turkish World Outreach from the Alo Dua Prayer Center in Istanbul, Turkey. The report, made available to ASSIST News Service (ANS), says: “You and we have both been amazed at what the Lord has done! Thousands of New Testaments went out in Istanbul , Ankara , and Izmir . Alo Dua Izmir got their ‘OK’ one hour before they were going out on the streets. Alo Dua Ankara, due to threat of protestors, had to do a last minute location change.” One newspaper reported that, “Models are giving out New Testaments in Istanbul .”

“New Testaments are being given out on the streets!” said another. The total of the three cities is 54,500 New Testaments distributed during this Christmas Outreach. The Alo Dua correspondent said the police went from being main opponents to helping hand out NTs and getting NTs themselves! Another time, they arrested a fundamentalist who was handing out papers against us and stirring up trouble. The Alo Dua report says that “After being out on the streets, the Turkish believers who were distributing with us are strengthened, and realize that they could publicly be bold for their faith.”
The report concluded: “Our Turkish brothers and sisters, who have come to the Lord through Alo Dua, are going through a lot of persecution with their family and friends. Especially, we are very concerned about keeping the Turkish believers encouraged. They want to do more ministry type activities, and we are working on an organizational structure that will suit both them and us to glorify the Lord’s Name in this land. We are going through many difficulties right now, and we need your prayers for boldness, wisdom, discernment, protection, and to walk in forgiveness.”